Engagement Party Planning | Everything you need to know!

How to Plan an Engagement Party

While an engagement party is traditionally hosted by the parents of the bride, it can also be thrown by the groom’s parents, close friends of the couple, other family members, or even the newlyweds-to-be themselves.

Pick the perfect location 

If you’re planning an engagement party near Houston, TX, you’ll have to decide where you want the celebration to take place, and fortunately, there are a lot of places to choose from. You can celebrate from your home, scout local venues like bars, restaurants, country clubs, or any centrally located spot that can accommodate private engagement parties. You may also want to consider a venue that offers all-inclusive private party packages. These packages normally include catering, beverage service, coordination, and easy parking, which will make your party planning more than organized and taken care of.

Consider a party theme 

An engagement party doesn’t really need a theme beyond “Congratulations!” However, a creative engagement party theme can certainly take your celebration to the next level. When in doubt, take a cue from the seasons. Think a campfire cookout theme with spiked cider and rustic farm tables for fall or a poolside fiesta theme with margaritas and vibrant picado banners for summer.

Create a guest list 

If you’re thinking about how to plan an engagement party, one of the first steps is coming up with a guest list. An engagement party can range from an intimate gathering of immediate family and close friends to a big bash with neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances mixed in. It all depends on the venue size and the type of atmosphere you’d like to achieve.

Choose a festive invitation 

Since the wedding invitation is typically more formal and subdued, it is recommend to take this opportunity of an engagement party invitation to go with a fun, playful design to get guests in the party mood. Think vibrant colors, bold fonts, or celebratory motifs like confetti poppers or clinking cocktail glasses. It is recommend to send invitations about three to six weeks in advance of the event.

Plan the menu 

Decide whether you’d like to pass hors d'oeuvres, set up a simple buffet, or serve a seated meal. With an all-inclusive party package, you are able to achieve a mix of what you want, and work with a coordinator who will handle all of the communication & organization with the vendor. You can also “do it yourself”, with a venue buffet, or a seated meal at your favorite restaurant. Either way, make sure to include some crowd-pleasing items and even some vegetarian options to cover your bases.

Stock the bar 

Cocktails are a must for any celebration! Offer a selection of wine, liquors, or beers, or come up with a clever signature cocktail incorporating you and your fiancé’s favorite flavors. Also, don’t forget to stock up on champagne for toasts! Here at County Line Event Center, we are a BYOB venue with a beverage service package, giving you the opportunity to create the exact atmosphere you want.

Prepare a little toast 

If you are the host, It certainly doesn’t need to be long or especially profound, but make sure you have a little something prepared to cheers to the newlyweds-to-be.

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