Nigerian Weddings in Houston | A Traditional-Modern Twist to Cultural Weddings

Traditional Nigerian Wedding Attire

How to Incorporate Cultural Wedding Traditions

Many brides and grooms would love to marry in the tradition of their ancestors or at least introduce elements of a traditional wedding ceremony or reception from their cultural backgrounds.  Incorporating cultural wedding traditions and customs to a wedding is not only a fantastic way to share something personal with the guests but a nice tribute to the families.

A simple way to infuse a little culture is by using traditional wedding decorations, wedding supplies and other visual elements.  A little more difficult is serving a traditional meal, because in many cases the menu is limited by the venue.  If having a customized menu is not possible, try serving signature drinks like sake for a Japanese reception or chai instead of coffee for an Indian wedding.  Music and entertainment are easy areas to help set the mood.

Needless to say, the stars of the wedding are the bride and groom.

A Cultural Wedding with a Modern Twist

Anymore, couples have been showing a more adventurous spirit when planning their cultural wedding. Like our couple below, while they did appreciate some of their old age wedding traditions, they absolutely didn’t forget about putting their own modern twist on things. The effort that they put into making sure the ceremony was an expression of themselves and their personalities, made this wedding a traditional-modern twist that was bold, and bright, with country feel.