Rustic Wedding Ideas | Stop overspending for your Wedding

OK, so you just got want to get married...and you need to have your wedding on a mindful budget. Time to put on your thinking cap and get creative with your rustic wedding ideas, so you can stop overspending for your wedding. Rustic all-inclusive country venues near Houston on the average are a lot cheaper to rent than fancy downtown Houston venues. Here, at The County Line Event Center, our all-inclusive venue can serve as a wedding ceremony and reception site, eliminating the need in decorating at two separate locations. Also, rustic country weddings are very trendy right now, so you would be very cutting edge to your friends and family.

Are you catching on to what a very good thing a country wedding could be? Good, then hold on to your cowboy hat, because here comes the reasons why The County Line Event center; an all inclusive affordable wedding venue near Houston, can make your wedding the most memorable without breaking the bank.

Rustic Wedding Ideas on a Budger

Trendy Rustic Decor

Our all inclusive packages are filled with trendy rustic decor options so you don’t have to pay for anything extra.


Perfect Backdrop for your Bridal Portraits

Our venue has just the right touch of unique vintage items so you don’t have to go anywhere else for your bridal portraits.

Rustic Wedding Ideas

Included Wedding Coordinators

Why hire someone independently, when you can use our enthusiastic wedding coordinators that will make sure decision making is stress-free, without any additional cost.

rustic wedding ideas

A Local Destination Venue

Don’t think you can’t have a destination wedding while staying local. Our countryside venue, located in Pearland TX, is just 35 minutes from downtown Houston. A short commute that will take you and your wedding guests on a mini local vacation, without breaking the bank.

catering rustic wedding ideas

From entertainment, to invitations, party rentals & catering services, we have the perfect vendors to choose from. Most all vendors are reasonable in price, while our liquor & meal catering are included in our all-inclusive packages.