Houston Wedding Venue Accommodations the night before your Wedding!

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Get our Cottage for FREE with your Booking during the Month of March, 2019.

If you book your wedding with us in March, we will gift you and your bridesmaids the cottage, a $400 value. *Your wedding doesn’t need to be during the month of March.

The cottage is your ‘night before’ getaway, where you’ll be able to wake up in familiar surroundings, getting ready for your wedding in a calm, relaxing environment, without having to rush around, or worry about transportation.

Houston Wedding Venues

Why you should consider staying at our Houston Wedding Venue the night before…

  • Enjoy a Rehearsal Dinner as a Family 

Celebrating with your family the night before is very common. By incorporating your rehearsal dinner with a ‘night before’ stay at our venue, you will give yourself that peace of mind knowing that you practiced walking down the aisle, while also enjoying time with your family before the big day begins.

  • Get Ready in a Calm Environment

You will wake up in luxury surroundings with your bridesmaids at hand, so you can immediately enjoy getting ready with your girls without the need of traveling on your wedding day. If you have chosen to have your wedding ceremony in a church, you can easily get a limousine to pick you & your bridesmaids up from the venue, while leaving all of your personal items, knowing that you will end the night here for your reception.

  • Reduce stress in Getting to the Wedding Venue on Time

If you plan on getting ready at home then you may have to organize wedding cars or transport to get you and your bridal party to our venue on time. Wedding transportation equals additional cost to your wedding budget. Also, you may be faced with traffic jams, road works/diversions or issues with the weather that could delay you, and why be stress in getting to the venue, while you can be pampered in our cottage.

  • Invite your Custom Suppliers to Arrive Early

By staying at our wedding venue ‘the night before’, you’ll be able to start decorating it sooner. If you are a DIY wedding, bride with unique custom suppliers, or if you simply need to give yourselves more time, then staying at our venue the night before would be advisable.