1940 Restored Chevy Truck | Houston Wedding Photography

We are extremely excited to announce the birth of our new County Line Event Center 1940 Chevrolet Truck! It was restored roughly 25 years ago by JC Carrillo, who is a family friend. This 79 year old truck was originally found in pieces in Spring Branch Texas, but is originally from Crocket Texas.

The character of our wedding venue was immediately turned back in time, the moment it was driven on our lot. The truck can be placed anywhere on our property, so you can capture all the photo opportunities you need in creating your memorable wedding album. With it’s bright red color, ground effects, and exposed engine, you are bound to get the perfect photo representing the age of its history. To have this 1940 chevy truck as one of our main Houston wedding photography features is truly a blessing.


Looking Back at 1940

U.S population: 129.8 million

Price of a gallon of gas: $0.16

Price of a gallon of milk: $0.17

Average household income: $1,730

Price of a new home: $3,900